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SelectFlats Ellcast 2 (2618)
SelectFlats ELLCAST 5 Block
SelectFlats ExELL 2714 (Preharden)
SelectFlats ExELL 4330 Block 352-388 bhn
SelectFlats ExELL 5000 Series ATP
SelectFlats ExELL 6061 T651 Aluminum Plate
SelectFlats ExELL 6061T6511 ALUMINUM FLAT
SelectFlats ExELL Forge Die 352-388 bhn
SelectFlats ExELL H-13 Superior
SelectFlats ExEll H13 Plate
SelectFlats ExELL Holder Hot Rolled Plate
SelectFlats ExELL Hot Die
SelectFlats ExEll O1 Block
SelectFlats ExELL P20 VAR
SelectFlats ExELL P20M
SelectFlats ExELL P20M Hi-Hard
SelectFlats ExELL Tuf-Die
SelectRounds ExELL 4140 TGP Round

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All pieces on this site are subject to a tolerance of +/-.125.

• Availability subject to prior sale.
• Minimum order is C$75.
• Discounts
ExELL™ P20M and ExELL™ Holder
– Deduct 5% for order quantities greater than 1 and combined weights greater than 20,000lbs.
– ESS Warranty for P20M and Holder does not apply
– Deduct C$0.10/lb for order quantities greater than 1 and combined weights greater than 10,000lbs.
• Certification provided for an extra charge.
• FOB Windsor, Ontario, Collect.
• Prices are in Canadian Dollars, Measurements are in Inches.
• Credit card payments accepted.
• ESSG’s Terms and Conditions apply. Terms and Conditions are located at or contact us for a copy.
• To Phone in your order, call (877) 978-2772

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