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Alumold 500 Aluminum Mold Plate

Download Alumold 500 Aluminum Mold Plate Spec sheet

Alumold® 500 Rolled Mold Plate, a unique 7000 series aluminum alloy that has successfully replaced steel in numerous mold applications. Combining high thermal conductivity, strength, ease of machining and polishing, dimensional stability, and consistent thru hardness this material results in reduced operating costs and increased part production.


  • Three to Six times higher thermal conductivity than P20 steel
  • Three to Five times faster milling on existing equipment
  • Up to Four times faster polishing
  • Accepts surface treatments for increased hardness
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Supplied stress relieved, requiring no further thermal treatment
  • Repair welding by TIG/MIG is possible


  • Plastic injection molds
  • Blow molds
  • Vacuum forming
  • RIM molds
  • Foam molds
  • Jigs and Fixtures

Molds designed with Alumold 500 should see maximum operating temperature of 230°F
for the mold, not the plastic, and a parting line stress of 5000 psi nominal and 7200 psi maximum.

Alumold® 500 is available and stocked in the following sizes:

4” to 8” thick X 60” width X 135” to 180” length.
9” to 10” thick X 52” to 58” width X 160” to 184” length
(Forged Alumold is available up to 28” thick. Please contact for more information)

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